Quite simply, beautiful, relaxed and natural photography

Pre wedding - Engagement photography.

A Pre-Wedding or Engagement Photography session is an excellent introduction of what it will be like to have your picture taken and the camera exclusively focused on you.

The short version session can take as little as 15 minutes to half an hour, either with photography being taken here in Bloxham 3 weeks or so before your wedding date, perhaps when we meet up to talk through the finer details of your plans for the day. Or we can do an expanded Engagement photography session with one of us visiting a location somewhere special to you.

We have photographed in Cafe's, woods, lakes, canals and on the street using local architecture close to where you live. It's all great fun, is designed to capture you as you both are in a place that is special for you both. It allows us to show you some fabulous creative photography before your wedding and capture some gorgeous images that reflect how you feel about each other.

Obviously, it's as a wonderful way of us all getting to know each other a little bit more before your wedding and afterwards you'll receive some fabulous images on a CD that can be used perhaps as gifts by way of a framed, aluminium, art or canvas print for your parents, or even a signing frame for all your guests.

A small taster session starts at £75 here in Bloxham,  with Engagement location shooting from £175 depending on distance and time.